Crunchy Black Thinks Bizzy Bone Instigated 'Verzuz' Fight Because Three 6 Mafia Were 'Killing' Bone Thugs in Battle

Crunchy Black says he thinks Bizzy Bone started the fight during 'Verzuz' because Bone Thugs-N-Harmony were losing the first half of the battle.

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Crunchy Black has his own perspective on what exactly happened during Three 6 Mafia and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony’s Verzuz last week.

In a new interview with Vlad TV, the Three 6 member said Bizzy Bone threw a water bottle and started the infamous fight to cause a distraction since Bone Thugs were losing the first half of the battle.

“Bizzy Bone got frustrated and kinda mad after the fourth song was played because in real life we was killing them,” Crunchy Black said. “They kinda set it up and everybody was riding with them but at the same time, they was like, ‘Why was they doing this?’ Because Three 6 Mafia got hits and they crunk hits. Even though Bones and them got hits, but it’s slow. When you battling anybody, you got to make sure it’s a tit for tat.”

Crunchy also described Juicy J’s behavior during the altercation. “Juicy was just trying to keep a positive vibe. But you gotta think when the boss is trying to keep a positive vibe, the goons is still ready to rumble. … At the same time, we wanted to prove a point that the winners were gonna always stand tall. That we gonna do what we got to do to make sure that people got to see us rock the show.”

In a second video, Crunchy Black commented on Bizzy’s apology, saying he told the Ohio rapper, “We really ain’t worried about it because we consider y’all family.”

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Following the fight, Bizzy took the mic and apologized, after calling out Three 6 for “mocking” him while performing. Bizzy later offered additional thoughts on the Verzuz battle, saying it was really “Bone verzuz the entire Rap industry.”

DJ Paul also explained why he knew the altercation was imminent, telling Fox Soul’s The Mix that Bizzy Bone “kind of told us on social media when he was talking about how it was going to be.”

When asked if he would change how the faceoff went, DJ Paul said, “It was perfect. I love the way everything happened. … The beef with us and Bone was just a big misunderstanding for 26 years. I respect Bone!”

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