Here's What O.T. Genasis Thinks About His #Beychella Shout-Out

"I was like, ‘Oh yeah. This is lit right here.’"

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Like many of you, O.T. Genasis lost his shit over Beyoncé’s historic Coachella performance—but it was for a much more personal reason.

During Bey’s two-hour show last Saturday night, she delivered a solid dance routine to a mash-up of “Diva” and O.T.’s 2017 record “Everybody Mad.” It was one of many highlights of #Beychella, especially for O.T., who had no idea his song was a part of the set list. 

Days after receiving the flattering shout-out, O.T. took some time out of his busy tour schedule to speak out on #Beychella with TMZ. He was still visibly pumped.

“My phone just started going crazy, crazy, crazy. I was like, ‘Why is everybody texting me?’” O.T. recalled. “Everybody was basically telling me that, ‘Beyoncé was dancing to your song at Coachella.’ […] So I’m like, ‘OK cool.’ I actually watched it myself and I was like, ‘Oh yeah. This is lit right here.’”

O.T. went on to say he appreciated the fact that “Everybody Mad” was a huge component of the performance—one that took time and effort for Bey’s team to execute. He also said it gave him a sense of validation, as the song didn’t receive much love after its release.

“That is just dope, especially since I didn’t really get the credit I felt I deserved for the song when I made it, because it was so different from all the songs that I’ve done,” he explained. “But for her to realize that, man, and to show me love, that was crazy.”

You can check out O.T.’s quick TMZ interview above. 

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