Future Reportedly Believes His Baby Mama 'Unilaterally Impregnated Herself' With His DNA

The accusation was referenced in a recent lawsuit filed by Eliza Seraphin, the mother of Future's 1-year-old daughter, Reign.


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Future faces another lawsuit from one of his six confirmed baby mamas.

According to legal documents obtained by The Blast, the High Off Life rapper is being sued Eliza Seraphin, the mother of his 1-year-old daughter, Reign. The complaint accuses Future of running the plaintiff's name through the mud with false allegations of promiscuity, sexual misconduct, and mental health issues. Seraphin also claims Future—legal name Nayvadius Wilburn—sent her texts accusing her of stealing his last name, sleeping around for financial gain, as well as clout-chasing.

"Let your lawyers speak for u at this point! u bogus, stole my last name now u want to b relevant jus fall back off the net trying to to prove a point," one of the texts reportedly read. "TMZ this bitch stole my last name I think that's what i heard! I will never respect a clout chasing bitch NEVERRRRRRR FOH."

So what did Future mean by the "stole my last name" claim? The lawsuit addresses the purported basis for the allegation:

This allegation that Ms. Seraphin "stole my last name," refers to Mr. Wilburn's misguided idea that Ms. Seraphin was somehow able to unilaterally impregnated herself with Mr. Wilburn's DNA (rather than because of the 2 years of unprotected sex the parties previously engaged in), and that by giving the child who was subsequently conceived as a result of these sexual relations Mr. Wilburn's last name, that Ms. Seraphin thereby "stole" Mr. Wilburn's last name.

Seraphin has also reiterated her claims that Future threatened to kill her "in an attempt to coerce her to terminate her pregnancy." TMZ reports the woman was apparently so frightened by the threats, she reported them to police. 

Seraphin is suing Future for libel, slander, and emotional distress. She is seeking unspecified damages.

Future filed a lawsuit against Seraphin earlier this year for defamation and invasion of privacy—claims that stem from Seraphin's public comments about their two-year sexual relationship. A judge rejected his request for an injunction last month; however, The Blast reports Future was given the opportunity to refile the complaint "with better arguments."

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