Is Joe Budden Going After Drake on His New Project?

Joe Budden dropped a sneak peek of his upcoming project, and it sounds like he's throwing shots at Drake.

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It sounds like Joe Budden is still convinced Drake was throwing shade at him in "4PM in Calabasas." And now it appears the 35-year-old rapper is firing back.

In a Periscope broadcast earlier today, Budden gave fans a sneak peek at an upcoming track off his collaborative project with araabMUZIK titled Rage & The Machine, which included some pretty obvious jabs at Drizzy: “My words ain’t ghostwritten, I ain’t Drake,” the Jersey native can be heard rapping. He later shared the clip on social media with the caption “Budden Vs Drake Round 1.”

For those who can’t remember why Budden has beef with Drake, here’s a refresher: Back in May, Budden criticized the VIEWS album for being uninspired; however, he insisted he was still a fan of Drake’s. About a week later, French Montana released a video from a studio session with Drake, who could be heard rapping the words “Pump, pump, pump it.” People quickly pointed out that it could be a reference to Budden’s hit single “Pump It Up,” and began to theorize a Budden diss track was on its way.

Budden didn’t think this was the case, as proven in an Instagram video clip: “Y’all are so narrow minded,” he can be heard saying. “First of all, it’s not a verse coming number one. And if a verse do come, all that means is I inspired him like my goal was anyway.”

Fast forward to June, when Drake dropped "4PM in Calabasas.” After the track was released, Budden went on his podcast to explain why he thought Drizzy was taking subliminal shots at him … or Diddy. (You can read the full breakdown here.) He also said he had no plans of retaliating, but it’s clear he’s had a change of heart.

Get the popcorn ready.

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