Iggy Azalea Reportedly Owes Nearly $270K in Unpaid Taxes

Iggy Azalea has reportedly been hit with a tax lien of nearly $270,000 from 2015.

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Times are rough for Iggy Azalea. After a highly publicized breakup with her ex- fiancé Nick Young, the Australian rapper is now reportedly facing more—yes, more—tax issues.

According to TMZ, Azalea owes $269,980 in federal taxes from 2015. It’s a pretty fat sum; however, her team insists it’s not as serious as it sounds.

“It is nothing more than an internal accounting error that has already been taken care of,” a source close to Azalea told ShowBizSpy.

This incident is all too familiar. Back in April, it was reported that the 26-year-old was hit with a $391,056.55 lien for unpaid taxes from 2014. Azalea later responded to the news, insisting it was a non-story as she had already set up a payment plan with the government: “The IRS gave the option to pay them monthly or lump sum. i picked monthly, who wouldnt?" she wrote on Twitter. "Its like writing 'iggy pays a mortgage on her house every month!' and trying to make it a story. Its not a story. Lol.”

Though Azalea has not personally responded to the new reports, we wonder if she will try to downplay it like she did the previous one. Maybe it really is “an internal accounting error,” but owing more than $661,000 in unpaid taxes for the last two years is something most people would take seriously—even if they were dealing with a messy love triangle.

Stay tuned to see if Azalea comments on the matter.  

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