Dreamville President Reacts to Kanye's Puma Criticism: 'Cole Living in His Head Rent Free' (UPDATE)

Ibrahim Hamad posted the comment after Kanye called all Puma designs "trash." Dreamville's J. Cole signed a deal with Puma earlier this year.

Kanye West

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Kanye West

UPDATED 9/19, 1:10 p.m. ET: Kanye West took to Twitter on Saturday, where he apologized to Jay-Z and Emory Jones for trashing Puma publicly. 


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Kanye West has declared himself the new "head of Adidas."

The 43-year-old entertainer made the claim via Twitter on Friday, just a day after he was temporarily banned from the platform for posting a journalist's phone number. Ye told his followers he would bring Adidas, which he has worked with since 2013, and Puma "back together"; the same way, he intended to restore his relationship with Jay-Z.

Kanye then slammed Puma for its "embarrassingly trash" designs, but reassured everyone he would "make everything ok."

"I am the head of adidas ... I will bring adidas and puma back together and bring me and jay back together," he wrote. "... all pumas designs are embarrassingly trash but I will personally design puma and adidas and make everything ok."

Dreamville president Ibrahim Hamad caught wind of the Puma-bashing tweet, and was immediately convinced Kanye was taking shots at J. Cole, who signed a deal with Puma earlier this year.

"Cole living in his head rent free at this point," Hamad wrote on BRKicks' Instagram.

It's also worth noting that Jay has worked with Puma over the last several years, and played a large role in relaunching the brand's basketball division.

Kanye's criticism of Puma comes just days after he took to Twitter to demand an apology from Cole and Drake

The multihyphenate didn't specify why an apology was necessary, but he later deleted the tweet and proposed he, Cole, and Drake get together because "it's time to get free." Kanye was referencing his recent criticism of the music industry, which he described as a "modern day slave ship."

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