Chief Keef Asks Trump Not to Sic the Secret Service on Him Again

Keef made the request after posting a photoshopped image that included the phrase, "Fuck Trump."

Chief Keef performing in New York City.

Image via Johnny Nunez/WireImage

Chief Keef performing in New York City.

Chief Keef doesn’t want any trouble from the Secret Service.

In honor of Martin Luther King Day, the Chicago rapper posted a photoshopped picture of himself marching next to the civil rights leader during a protest. We know what you’re thinking: Why would that raise any red flags for the government? Well, next to Keef and Dr. King was a sign that read, “G.B.E. Fuck Trump.” The instagram post was also captioned: “Last time I was locked up Donald sent secret service after me!”

Shortly after the he posted the image, Keef returned to social media to reiterate his request. "Donald. Don't send the secret service. Okay?” he said in a video. “It's just a pic. No threat.”

It’s unclear why would Keef receive a visit from Secret Service agents during his last stint behind bars. Shortly before Election Day 2016, Keef posted a video in which he set fire to a Trump mask while stating: “Fuck Trump. Grab 'em by the pussy!” So, maybe that had something to do with it. 

Though it seems POTUS and his team have bigger fish to fry, we don’t blame Keef for being extra careful. 

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