Bhad Bhabie Talks XXXTentacion, Her Upcoming Tape, and Wanting to Slap Trippie Redd's Girlfriend

The 15-year-old rapper had a lot to say.

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Bhad Bhabie is feeling some type of way about Trippie Redd’s girlfriend.

During an appearance on No Jumper, the 15-year-old rapper spoke about a recent incident that occurred between her and Trippie’s significant other, Ayleks. Bhabie claims she was set to meet Famous Dex at the studio, but had to cancel last minute. When she called Dex to let him know she probably wasn’t going to make it, Ayleks allegedly answered the phone. This apparently rubbed Bhabie the wrong way.

No Jumper host Adam Grandmaison, aka Adam22, then questioned Bhabie about what was said during the call. Bhabie didn’t really provide an answer.

“She just said that I said, ‘Ugh,’ and hung up the phone,” the rapper explained (5:25), before she was asked if Ayleks disliked her (5:25). “I don’t give a fuck.”

Grandmaison then asked if the beef had anything to do with the unsettling rumors involving her and Trippie. As some of you may know, 6ix9ine previously accused Trippie of sleeping with Bhabie when she was only 13 years old—a claim that both Trippie and Bhabie have denied. Bhabie dodged Grandmaison’s question, once again, insisting she didn’t “give a fuck” about what Ayleks had to say.

“Listen, I don’t care about her,” she said (6:15). “[…] If she was an artist, maybe I’d spend some time on it, but I’ll slap the shit out of her and she’ll do nothing.”

“She raps,” Grandmaison said about Ayleks.

“I don’t’ give a fuck what she does. She can suck my dick,” Bhabie said.

Though the “Trust Me” artist initially refused to speak about her relationship with Trippie, she later suggested Ayleks was “insecure.” Bhabie also said she will never be on good terms with Trippie after he released “Ghost Busters” with Quavo, Ski Mask the Slump God, and the late XXXTentacion. Bhabie explained it was disrespectful to put the recently murdered rapper on the same track as Quavo, considering their not-so-friendly history.

“Trippie Redd, you are fake,” she screamed (7:29). “[…] The whole X shit. That’s dumb. [Trippie’s] stupid as hell. That man had a lot of fucking nerve putting Quavo on that song knowing damn well the shit that happened between X and Migos. How fucking dare you?”

Bhabie then admitted to having an issue with X prior to his death, as she claimed X was the person who told 6ix9ine about her alleged relationship with Trippie.

“And was that a lie?” Grandmaison asked.

“Of course it was a fucking lie,” Bhabie replied. “Let me tell you something: I don’t have time for these dudes. I’m over it. I’m over all their shit; they’re fucking weird. They’re fucking drug addicts, they’re psychotic, they’re controlling. The fuck I look like? Bitch, I got a career to take care of.”

Bhabie went on to explain that X would’ve never agreed to be on the same track as Migos while he was alive. How does she know this? Well, she claims X refused to appear on her Fifteen track “Trust Me” because he didn’t want any association with Lil Yachty, who assisted on the “Gucci Flip Flops” record. Bhabie, however, couldn’t explain why Yachty and X were beefing in the first place.

“I haven’t even asked Yachty about it. All I know is, the same way me and X’s friendship wasn’t on best terms when he passed, I’m pretty sure it was the same with Yachty. Don’t quote me.”

An emotional Bhabie went on to say that she regrets not squashing her beef with X before he was killed. She said it’s the biggest regret of her life.

“It’s so crazy to me how someone can work so hard for something, and it can be taken from them so fast,” she said (14:00). “And there’s nothing you can do. With one movement, and now he’s gone […] All over some fucking money […] I cannot live with the fact that this man worked so hard to be where he was. He was changing the shit he was doing. He wasn’t even on no—you could hear it even in his music, the way he was changing, his whole act.”

Bhabie said immediately after X’s death was confirmed, she began listening to his music and cried. She said she also became angry with critics who downplayed the tragedy because of X’s violent history.

“Like, ‘Oh, well he was a woman-beater.’ Bitch, I’ll fucking kill you. Say it again, and I’ll stab you right now. I’m tired of hearing that,” she said (17:20). “So. Fucking. What? So what? I don’t know. Maybe he did it, maybe he didn’t—I don’t give a fuck.”

When asked what she thought about X’s domestic abuse charges, Bhabie replied: “Bitch, shouldn’t have been talking shit. That’s my thing on it. Bitches all the time be like, ‘I’ll slap you’ to guys. You think you ain’t gonna get hit back?”


You can check out Bhabie’s full No Jumper interview in the video above.

Her upcoming project is said to include features by Asian Doll, City Girls, and Comethazine. The tape, titled Fifteen, is expected to arrive this summer.

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