Who the Hell Are All These People Who Signed Kanye West's Notepad?

We went through the signatures to figure out who's been in the studio with 'Ye.

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With Kanye West's new album—which is now teasing as T.L.O.P.—dropping on Thursday, Feb. 11, we are all anxious to hear his first project since 2013's Yeezus. Kanye has kept fans guessing for a while now, dropping songs—like "Only One" and "All Day" and more recently "No More Parties in L.A." and "Real Friends"—as well as hints about who's been in the studio with him working on his latest—and possibly greatest—work yet. 

A few weeks back, Kanye gave fans a preview of his upcoming release by posting a photo of a page in his notepad that featured a handwritten tracklist, along with one other note: "KYLIE WAS HERE." The page's signatures now number around 40, and each addition adds to the excitement. Part of the fun is trying to solve the mystery of who's who: We know 2 Chainz, but who is AG? (Is that you, Drizzy?) We went through the whole page and identified the names we know and explained their connections to 'Ye. With Kanye, there's always a surprise in store, but it looks like for now, with his seventh solo album, he is giving fans an honest look at his A-list collaborators ahead of time.

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