Meek Mill Suddenly Deletes His Instagram Without Warning

Meek Mill's Instagram is gone just one day after he used it to preview 'DC4.'

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Just one day after posting tons of previews of his upcoming album DC4, Meek Mill's Instagram page disappeared without warning. Meek's abrupt departure from his favorite social media platform so soon after teasing so much of DC4 has a lot of fans confused. Is it possible that this is the start of his album rollout? Other artists have been known to clear their social media presence before restarting it to promote a new project. 

Alternatively, could he finally have had enough of the platform? Beanie Sigel got at him during his now-legendary interview with Taxstone for taking people's social media comments too seriously. Sigel even noted that Meek had turned his comment section off. Perhaps he was finally fed up with all the sniping?

Whatever it is, it's sure to indicate something. Fans have long been awaiting his third album DC4, which was originally slated to drop last month but was delayed. Many were hopeful that all the Instagram previews he posted yesterday indicated that the album was finally done and on its way. Now, with his Instagram gone, they're not sure what's going on.

Hopefully, the disappearance is a sign of DC4, and not a sign that Meek is throwing in the towel on social media.

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