Lil Yachty Explains His Old Tweets Trolling J. Cole and Miley Cyrus

Lil Yachty has an explanation for those old tweets trolling J. Cole and Miley Cyrus

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Lil Yachty's come up happened pretty quick, and its easy to forget that not too long ago he was just a normal teenager on the internet. During a sitdown with 106 KMEL, Shay Diddy had Yachty read some of his old tweets to try and clarify what he meant. 

The biggest moment came when he read out one of his old tweets saying "Fuck J. Cole." Yachty immediately decided he wanted to clear the air. "I gotta do this because these tweets keep surfacing," Yachty said, before explaining that he was really just trolling and fooling around back in high school. "I was in 9th grade... I fuck with J. Cole as a person. I don't listen to J. Cole, but I have nothing against J. Cole. I was young and I was just talking shit trolling. I never thought I was gonna be a rapper," he said. "I have no issues with J. Cole or his music and if we ever bump into each other I don't want no problems."

It turns out that Cole isn't the only person he messed with back in the day. "Miley Cyrus blocked me on Instagram a long time ago," he said after reading a tweet about it. "I was trolling her. I think I commented one time like 'Fuck me girl.' I don't know I'm wild. When I was young I was crazy in the head on social media.I was one of her first comments, she posted a new picture and maybe half a second later I commented like 'Fuck me dirty slut.'" He went on to apologize for this one as well. "Miley I'm sorry I was trolling." 

Moral of the story: your tweets are forever. Check out his whole interview in the video above.

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