Kevin Gates Shares His "Time For That" Video As 'Islah' Goes Platinum With No Features

Kevin Gates melts clocks in his "Time For That" video.

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Kevin Gates dropped his latest Islah video Thursday, "Time For That." The clip finds him channeling his inner Salvador Dali, as he explores a surrealist desert landscape filled with ruined buildings and melting clocks. The imagery is reminiscent of Dali's famous painting The Persistence of Memory, which also featured melting clocks in a barren landscape. In Gates' case, it's also likely a reference to the song's chorus, where he sings "See girl, I'm fine with that/I done gave my watches away, ain't got no time for that/Asking where's my heart, good luck finding that/How long can I see her around? Think I'm still timing that."

The "Time For That" video comes on the same day that Gates revealed his debut album Islah went platinum. J. Cole stans should take note that just like 2014 Forest Hills Drive, the non-deluxe version of Islah was completely featureless, meaning Gates bootstrapped it to platinum status all on his own. The platinum certification was definitely helped along by streams of Gates' breakout hit "Two Phones," but he's put up surprisingly robust sales numbers overall, proving that he's a dark horse force in 2016's hip-hop scene.

Gates celebrated and reflected on his success from Saudi Arabia, where he's currently staying.

You can check out Kevin Gates' "Time For That" video above. Big congrats to the Baton Rouge rapper on his major career milestone.

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