A Judge May Have Put Young Dolph in Charge of a Troubled Kid and the Results Are Hilarious

Finally, a win for America's legal system.

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In what appears to be some sort of bizarre Paul Rudd comedy come to life, it looks like a judge may have put Young Dolph in charge of a troubled kid for his own benefit. The Memphis, Tenn. rapper has been broadcasting this strange adventure in a series of Instagram posts. In his first post, he announces that he "went to court and da judge ordered for me to take this little kid in my custody for 24hrs..... His mom said he been skippin school and stealing n shit." The picture shows Dolph and the kid, with what looks like a blunt hanging out of his mouth. 

The second post finds him doling out life lessons. "Why dis little bad muddaf*#er jus tell me 'this house is cool but let's go to the other one' ME: 'what other one'? HIM: 'Your traphouse..... Duuuhhhh'!😨 ME: 'Don't make me put dis belt on your little ass'‼️." The whole ordeal could possibly just be a joke, but we'd like to imagine that there really is a judge out there who's handing out some memorable life lessons to America's youth. You can check out his hilarious Instagram posts below. 

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