Joe Budden's Drake Diss Track Has Twitter in a Frenzy

Joe Budden dropped his Drake diss track "Making a Murderer (Pt. )" and Twitter had a lot of feelings and memes in response.

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Joe Budden finally unleashed his Drake diss track "Making a Murderer (Pt. 1)" Thursday night after building up to the moment with a preview. On the track, Budden samples an old interview where Drake claims to want no part in hip-hop beef culture. He also calls Drake out for allegedly getting upset that Budden had negative things to say about VIEWS, and claims that Drake's spark and passion is gone. Naturally, Twitter couldn't keep quiet at a time like this, and people took to the platform to express their often hilarious feelings about the song and the situation as a whole.

You can check out some of the best Twitter reactions below.

"Since you signed to five guys, that makes you a burger"

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