Chance the Rapper Invited to Perform at the White House This Christmas

Chance the Rapper is headed to the White House for Christmas this year.

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Chance the Rapper has already been recognized by President Obama on several occasions, and now he's headed to the White House for Christmas this year. He won't be opening presents with Sasha and Malia, but he will be one of the headliners at the White House's annual National Christmas Tree Lighting concert on Dec. 1. Chance will take the stage alongside Kelly Clarkson and Yolanda Williams.

This year will mark the 94th anniversary of the White House's National Christmas Tree Lighting. Although tickets to the event are free, they're drawn through a lottery. Anyone can enter the lottery, which begins on Oct. 7 at 10 a.m. EST and runs through 10 a.m. EST on Oct. 10. Fans who want a chance to win tickets should be sure to put their names in during this time.

Chance has seen his connection with the White House grow exponentially over the years. He joined fellow rappers J. Cole, Nicki Minaj, and Rick Ross to meet up with President Obama for the My Brother's Keeper initiative, which focuses on creating opportunities for young men of color in America. Chance later revealed that he had a one-on-one conversation with President Obama, who noted that his whole family liked Chance's mixtape Coloring Book. He even made it onto President Obama's Summer Playlist for 2016. Clearly, Chance has made a good impression on the President and is seeing the rewards through invitations like this.

Fans who want to enter for tickets can do so here when the lottery opens on Oct. 7.

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