Tony Yayo Reminds Young Buck About the Perils of Beefing With 50 Cent: 'He'll Destroy Your Ass'

While chopping it up with DJ Vlad, Queens rapper Tony Yayo decided to share his thoughts about fellow G-Unit member Young Buck beefing with 50 Cent.

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While chopping it up with DJ Vlad this week, Tony Yayo shared his thoughts about former G-Unit member Young Buck’s beef with 50 Cent.

As far as Yayo is considered, Buck should’ve treaded lightly when it came to Fif, who he says would “destroy your ass.” 50 Cent and Young Buck have had a long history of beef, with the former most recently ripping the latter after his arrest for vandalism in Nashville.

“Now the rants you [Young Buck] go on, it’s just gonna fuck you up,” Yayo said. “I don’t know what deal you signed with 50 Cent or negotiated, but motherfucker will just shut you down ’cause 50 ain’t scared of nobody. He’ll destroy your ass. That motherfucker is nobody to go paws with. He’ll destroy you.”

Elsewhere in the interview, the Queens rapper touched on stories about Buck’s sexuality, which Fif has used for trolling fodder in the past after Buck was allegedly catfished by a transgender woman.

“No man is your friend, no man is your enemy, every man is your teacher,” Tony Yayo said. “I heard that before. So every man is your teacher, so you learn from your mistakes. But if you’re out there and the cases you catchin’ like domestic wild shit, people gonna come for you. Nobody’s exempt from jail. You do some dumb shit, you’re gonna go to jail.”

Yayo didn’t take sides on the catfishing matter, but admitted Buck was “always unpredictable to me.”

“As for the transgender thing, that’s more his choice. He had some superstar chicks that he used to…I don’t want to say any names. He was doing his thing. I just know him for that. He was a cool guy. He was always unpredictable to me.”

Watch Tony Yayo’s remarks about Young Buck with DJ Vlad up top.

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