Listen to Party Supplies' "The Light In The Addict" f/ Action Bronson & Black Atlass

Party Supplies, Action Bronson, and Black Atlass sing the blues.

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Action Bronson and Party Supplies work so well together that the three of them must have been related in a former life. Both Blue Chips and Blue Chips 2exclusively produced by Party Supplies, are some of Bronson's finest work. Plus, his latest collaboration with Party Supplies, "Easy Rider," is one of the most experimental tracks to come out this year. Today, Party Supplies drops "The Light In The Addict" featuring Bronson and Black Atlass.

"The Light In The Addict" is essentially a blues record. Party Supplies creates a melody on the piano that's perfect for Bronson to rhyme over, and Black Atlass provides a smooth, catchy hook: "I nearly lost my mind, all a motherfucker got is time, time, time." The song is pretty melancholy, but that doesn't mean that Bronson doesn't add some humor to the track with lines like, "Dog, what the fuck is with ya mother/She got one leg longer than the other."

Fool's Gold will be re-releasing Party Supplies debut album, Tough Love, on November 25. For now, vibe out to this new joint "The Light In The Addict."

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