PROMO: Honda’s 'Uncharted'—Nashville’s R.LUM.R. Is Feeling “Frustrated”

After 10 million streams, still chasing his dreams.

It seems impossible that an artist who has been streamed 10 million times on Spotify could somehow still remain relatively unknown. But that’s just one of several anomalies about singer-songwriter R.LUM.R. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, he is an R&B musician trying to make it in the Mecca of country music. Nestled in among the honky-tonks and in the shadow of the Johnny Cash museum, he does his best to make sure those around him take note of the powerful ballads he puts forth.

Like a lot of great artists, R.LUM.R (a.k.a. Reggie) is used to facing adversity. He first started dabbling in music after his parents divorced when he was a kid, and had to endure years and years of people close to him—even his own family—doubting his potential for becoming a bonafide musician. But Reggie endured, and as he continued playing and gradually morphed into R.LUM.R, one of his tracks, “Frustrated,” became a huge hit on Spotify, yielding the aforementioned 10 million streams as well as a number of covers and fan videos.

But the song’s title proved to be more telling than he’d hoped for, because even with all that interest, R.LUM.R still couldn’t get the backing he needed to produce an official music video for the track. That is until Honda and Uncharted decided to pony up for him. Now, he finally gets the chance to add a visual language to his musical style—a chance that, for any musician, is a dream come true.

For more on the run-up to R.LUM.R’s video shoot for his hit track “Frustrated,” check out the latest episode of Uncharted in the video above, brought to you by Honda.

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