It Looks Like Trippie Redd Is Finishing Up His Drake Collab With 40

That rumored collaboration could finally arrive soon from the sounds of things.

trippie redd

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trippie redd

Thanks to a new Instagram story that DJ Akademiks posted to his profile, it would appear that the long rumored collaboration between rising rapper Trippie Redd and Drake is finally on the horizon. In an interview on Power 106's Big Boy's Neighborhood, Trippie recently revealed, "We got songs" when asked about what was going on between him and Drake. "They're in the works, they still need to be mixed and mastered."

If the newly unearthed video of Trippie hanging out in the studio with Drake's right-hand man and lead producer 40 is any indication, it's a lot closer than we thought. It looks like the songs are finally getting their finishing touches, but it remains unclear where they'll end up. Drake has a history of jumping on popping songs from rising talent, but from the way Trippie has phrased it, we should expect to hear a fresh track when the collaboration is released.

Recently, Trippie Redd also teased a collaboration with Lil Wayne, offering a preview of what appears to be a new track featuring Wayne on his Instagram story. Judging from all the big names he's been working with, including Travis Scott, it seems he's set to have an even bigger year in 2018.

During his chat with Big Boy, he revealed that he's still yet to bag his most desired collaboration. He explained that he's really interested in working with Marilyn Manson in the future, and judging from how Manson has recently embraced hip-hop's newfound obsession with him, that's not as unlikely as it would seem. It's also a collaboration that makes a lot of sense, musically, as Trippie has been known to show interest in countless other genres.

"I'm a versatile artist. I do everything," he told Complex's Pigeons and Planes. "At the end of the day, the objective is to do as many songs from as many different genres as possible within my career... I did alternative rock before, that's why my style is the way it is now... That's Trippie Redd's style, hip-hop, R&B, alternative rock, and fucking pop."

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