Naughty by Nature’s Treach Thinks Tupac’s Rape Accuser Is Thirsty for Fame

Treach says that Ayanna Jackson is only opening up about the alleged assault now because she wants to gain fame.

Earlier this week (Jan. 29), the woman who accused Tupac Shakur of raping her back in 1993 gave her first ever on-camera interview about the alleged assault. Ayanna Jackson sat down with DJ Vlad to give an interview in two parts, detailing the events of the night in question. "I was having some champagne, and he walked up behind me," she said in the interview. "I had some jeans on that night and he placed his hands into the back pockets of my jeans."

Naughty by Nature rapper and Tupac's friend Treach says she's only bringing up the accusations again to gain some fame, reports TMZ. "I don't condone no rape at all, nothing like that," he begins the video he shared with TMZ. "She gon' try to write a book to defame somebody name that's not here to defend himself, when you already know that you been had relationships with him, and when you wanna extort him, and he just cut you off—you wanna say he took something," he continues in the disturbing video.

In 1995, Tupac was charged with first-degree sexual abuse and served nine months in prison after posting $1.4 million in bail. 

The second part of the interview was particularly graphic, detailing the alleged assault itself. After getting to Tupac's hotel room, Tupac allegedly held onto her hair as others came into the room. During the interview, she explains that he said, "I'm looking at him dead in his eye, and I'm like 'what's going on?' And he's saying to me, he's like 'relax baby, these are my boys. I like you so much I decided to share you with them.'"

She says Tupac raped her, left, and the other men in the room proceeded to rape her.

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