Teyana Taylor ‘Making No More Promises’ to Release Longer 'K.T.S.E.' Album

Following the release of her latest album on G.O.O.D. Music, 'K.T.S.E.,' Teyana Taylor has repeatedly expressed her disappointment regarding the way the release of the record was handled by the label and Kanye West.

Teyana Taylor closed out Kanye West and G.O.O.D. Music'srun of five albums in as many consecutive weeks with her second studio effort K.T.S.E., and despite the positive reception, she's not 100 percent happy with its release. When K.T.S.E. came out last month, Teyana promised an "updated" version of the album, only to cancel said plans not long after. She even called Pusha-T to complain, and now she's continuing to speak about why she wasn't happy about its release on TheBreakfast Club with her husband Iman Shumpert.

"I ain't making no more promises," she explained when asked about an updated version of the album at the 0:50-mark of the interview. When Pusha-T spoke about why she was upset with the album, he explained she caught what he called "demo-itis," which is when a musician falls in love with the earlier versions of songs to the point of not wanting to change or improve them. During her chat on Breakfast Club, she agreed, adding, "I lived with these records, you know this is very vulnerable for me."

Kanye is known to be a perfectionist, changing songs up until the very last minute, and Teyana says it was no different with her record. "You know, when you wake up the morning the album come out and you hear, like, a completely different album...I was hurt, I was feeling a type of way." One of the songs to receive a cut was "Never Would Have Made It," which originally featured a verse written about her daughter Junie. The album version only featured one verse.

"This album is so dear to me, and I got more to talk about, because I just wanted to get more creative," she explained further. From the sounds of the things, she still hopes to release a longer, more complete album of the future, but the specifics of when will happen remain foggy. Watch the full interview above.

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