SteveWillDoIt Apologizes to Lil Durk Lookalike Perkioo for 6ix9ine Incident, Gives Him Cash and Cartier Bracelets

YouTuber SteveWillDoIt of Nelk fame apologized to Lil Durk’s lookalike Perkioo over that bizarre 6ix9ine meeting and gifted him with cash and jewelry.

YouTuber SteveWillDoIt of Nelk fame has apologized to Lil Durk’s lookalike Perkioo over that bizarre 6ix9ine meeting.

Perkioo, who bares a shocking resemblance to Durk and has even starred in one of his music videos, recently called out 6ix9ine after the controversial rapper shared an awkward video of him essentially ambushing him. In the clip, 6ix9ine pulled out a jacket embroidered with a photo of the late King Von, which he then draped over Perkioo. 

When he got a chance to explain his side of the situation, he said that he agreed to meet up with SteveWillDoIt of the Nelk Boys to do a YouTube video. However, when he got there, 6ix9ine was there. In a video posted to Instagram, Steve is seen trying to patch-up the situation with Perkioo.

“@SteveWillDoIt made the whole situation beyond right and I appreciate u for standing on ya word!” wrote Tafia alongside the video, which showed SteveWillDoIt gifting Perkioo money and jewelry to him. “U proved me wrong, u are a good person and u have my upmost respect! He gave @darealperkioo some bread, some crypto currency for him and his family and told him to pick out any pair of shoes his size and keep them all from @benjaminkickz AND gifted him 2 buss down CARTIER Bracelets! I didn’t want or gain anything from this. I just wanted to make things right! I’m satisfied and happy.”

In the clip, Steve said he is “truly sorry” about how the situation unfolded.

Perkioo first gained attention earlier this year after he was part of an elaborate prank, in which Perkioo and YouTuber King Cid pulled out all the stops at a mall to convince strangers it was the real Durk. They even rented out a Lamborghini and a security team, hired fake paparazzi, and replicated Durk’s tattoos. When Durk caught wind of the clip, he employed Perkioo for his “Blocklist” video.

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