Joey Badass Says He Doesn’t Ejaculate During Sex to ‘Preserve My Life Force,’ Thinks Masturbation Is ‘Weird'

In the latest episode of the 'Lip Service' podcast, rapper Joey Badass revealed the very particular reason that he doesn't ejaculate during sex.

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In the latest episode of Angela Yee’s Lip Service podcast, Joey Badass revealed the reason that he avoids ejaculation during sex.

When the topic of oral sex came up, Joey mentioned that he’d prefer not to ejaculate, and was asked if he meant full-stop, or just while receiving oral sex. “I’d rather not bust a nut… period,” he said, as seen in the clip below. “It’s gonna sound crazy, but I’d rather preserve my life force. When a man ejaculates, there’s a lot of things that leave your body. There’s blood cells, there’s testosterone, energy, you get depleted. They say it’s like an equivalent to running 20 miles when you bust a nut.”

Everyone on the podcast, including Yee, expressed confusion as to how he knows when sex is over. “I’ve been doing this for, like, two years,” he continued. “I just hold it. The thing is, once you don’t release that big ejaculation, you kinda cum a lot of times. You have like, multiple orgasms.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Joey gave his thoughts on masturbation, and explained why he abstains from it. “I don’t masturbate, I think that’s weird,” he said, as seen in the clip below. “Not for a woman, I think. I believe women are the more sexual being. I feel like, as a man, you should be in control, you should have self-control. If you’re at home masturbating, it’s like, n***a what are you doing? … If you sitting home watching porn, masturbating, I just think that’s weird n***a shit.”

Curiously, Joey Badass is not the only rapper to make such claims about the perceived benefits of “semen retention.” Last year, as XXL reported, Kevin Gates said that he had seen many benefits from holding back his ejaculate. NLE Choppa, in a recent interview on the Breakfast Club, made similar comments this week.

As Men’s Health detailed in an article from 2020, there’s not a lot of research to suggest there are benefits to the practice. However, there’s also nothing to indicate that it’s unhealthy, either.”There are really no significant risks associated with semen retention,” said Christopher Carrubba, a Florida-based physician and education consultant. “As such, my stance would be that if you think there is a benefit, then have at it.” 

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