Ja Rule Defends His Role in Fyre Festival: 'You Still Don't Know Sh*t'

The Fyre Festival disaster has recently come under scrutiny once again thanks to the release of Hulu and Netflix documentaries.

Ja Rule

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Ja Rule

The Fyre Festival disaster has recently come under scrutiny once again thanks to the release of Hulu and Netflix's documentaries. Ja Rule has since come under fire for being complicit in the poor treatment of both staff and guests. He barely received any comeuppance for his involvement compared to the other mastermind Billy McFarland, who's been sentenced to six years in jail for fraud.

But Ja isn't quietly riding out the storm. He took to Twitter to defend himself. "I love how ppl [sic] watch a doc and think they have all the answers," he wrote. "I had an amazing vision to create a festival like NO OTHER!!! I would NEVER SCAM or FRAUD anyone what sense does that make???"

When a Twitter user pointed out that it was actually two documentaries, he added, "And you still don't know shit."

He also retweeted a number of tweets from a right-wing personality while he defended himself with more vague comments.

Accompanied by just the thinking emoji, the series of tweets he shared repeatedly asked if Maryann Rolle, the unpaid caterer featured in the Netflix documentary, was responsible for the infamous cheese sandwiches. A GoFundMe campaign has been launched in an attempt to get Rolle the money she's owed, raising over $80,000 since it launched on Jan. 14.

Ja did bring up that Hulu paid Billy McFarland for an exclusive interview, while also highlighting that social media company Fuckjerry were paid by Netflix for their involvement. Fuckjerry have come under criticism for their involvement in misleading people to the true nature of Fyre Festival. "That money should've went to the Bahamian ppl [sic]," he tweeted, while adding that he has "receipts."

The near-end of the Netflix documentary featured footage of a team-wide call, during which Ja asserted it was simply bad publicity that the Fyre brand could overcome. "Let's think of how to dig ourselves out of this shit, man," he said. "We didn't kill anybody, nobody got hurt. We made a mistake, we'll get past it."

Hulu's documentary pointed out that Ja Rule declined to give them a comment.

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