J. Cole References 'No Features' Approach on 'KOD': 'N***as Ain't Worthy to Be on My Sh*t'

Cole finally addressed the meme on his surprise new album.

Earlier this week, J. Cole announced he had a new album dropping at the end of the week, and with the project now out, there's a lot of new material for fans to process. KOD, which stands for Kids on Drugs, King Overdosed, and Kill Our Demons, has been left to the interpretation of fans, as Cole pointed out on Twitter. Fans have already begun speculating on possible disses throughout, but one moment on the title track needs no further explaining.

Ever since Cole went platinum with no features in 2016 with his 2014 album Forest Hills Drive, fans and critics alike have turned his dedication to keeping his projects 100 percent Jermaine into a meme. And now, on "KOD," Cole finally addresses the meme after remaining quiet for years.

"How come you won't get a few features?" he raps on "KOD." "I think you should/How 'bout I don't/How 'bout you just get the fuck off my dick/How 'bout you listen and never forget/Only gon' say this one time, then I'll dip/N***as ain't worthy to be on my shit."

Turning the meme against his critics, Cole sounds hungrier than ever.


Producer Elite of Dreamville previously explained to Complex in a 2016 interview that Cole was very much aware of the memes, explaining, "We see the memes and we all laugh about it. I don't think the no-features thing is a goal for Cole. He's isolated most of the time, so he's not going to reach out to people for a feature. If [a feature] happened organically, it would make sense. It just so happens to go that way because he works on his own and he's not going to seek out people just because they're a name."


It seems Cole's stance might have changed with the release of KOD, using it as a chance to once again brag about being the best out.

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