G Herbo on Juice WRLD's Impact on Today's Generation: 'He Had That Biggie/Pac Effect in His Short Time Here'

To coincide with the release of his new album 'PTSD,' Chicago's G Herbo stopped by the 'Breakfast Club' to talk therapy and the death of Juice WRLD.

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To coincide with the release of his new album PTSD, Chicago rapper G Herbo stopped by the Breakfast Club to talk therapy and the death of Juice WRLD. With the cover of his album featuring 50 faces of people important to him who died, Herbo opened up about his trauma and how he coped with it. He also addressed how much of an impact Juice WRLD had, favorably comparing the late "Lucid Dreams" artist to Biggie.

"That's my lil' brother man, I think about him every single day," Herbo said at the 25-minute point of the interview when asked what Juice WRLD meant to him. "I be saying...like, I don't know 'cause I'm in New York y'all probably ain't gonna like me saying this, but I think what Juice was to our generation—the impact that he had on us—is what Biggie did for New York for real. I really think he had that Biggie Pac effect in his short time here."

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He went on to explain why he thinks he had that impact, highlighting the vulnerability in his music. "He helped people. ... When I met that kid he had it in his eyes already, he wasn't trying to chase the glory, he wasn't doing none of the stuff he was doing because he was famous," he added. "Inside out, he did what made him happy, and with him being himself he got a real legacy that's gonna live on forever. ... That's what I mean by that."

G Herbo also found time to stop by Hot 97 to offer a freestyle, impressing Funk Flex. "Hoping we don't trust the wrong n***as like the Nine Treys," he rapped over a hard-hitting instrumental, paying his respects to Juice WRLD while reflecting on just how far he's come. "Made a million in my family I'm the first to do/All my aunties was surprised because I'm the worst one too."

Check out G Herbo's Breakfast Club interview and Funk Flex freestyle above.

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