Listen to Freddie Gibbs Freestyle Over Madlib's New 'Sound Ancestors' Album From an Uber

Madlib released his Four Tet-curated instrumental album 'Sound Ancestors' on Friday, and his collaborator Freddie Gibbs has already found inspiration in it.

Freddie Gibbs

Image via Getty/Frank Hoensch

Freddie Gibbs

Madlib released his Four Tet-curated instrumental album Sound Ancestors on Friday, and his collaborator Freddie Gibbs has already found inspiration in it.

The two have previously worked together on their joint albums Piñata and Bandana, which came out in 2014 and 2019, respectively. It's abundantly clear that Gibbs is a huge fan of Madlib's distinctive production style, and he's feeling Sound Ancestors enough to already freestyle over it. After informing his fans that he had been listening to the record, it didn't take long for him to provide some examples of what he's been up to.

"Freestyled in an Uber over some @madlib shit from his new album out today," he wrote, before sharing the clips.

Tackling the tracks "Dirtknock" and "Hopprock," Gibbs effortlessly freestyled over the beats from within his Uber. Surrounded by friends and the driver cheering him on and laughing, the mini-reunion acts as yet another reminder of how well these two work together. He even makes reference to being in an Uber in the second brief clip, which suddenly ends as his friends laugh.

Recently, it was suggested to Gibbs that he could go up against Pusha-T in a Verzuz battle, but he quickly shot down the idea. "I would make this album tho," he teased, hinting at yet another exciting collaborator in the future. The two previously worked together on the Bandana track "Palmolive," so perhaps they could team-up over some Madlib beats again in the near future.

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