Doja Cat Playfully Teased by Fans After Video Shows Her Falling Onstage in Miami

The 'Planet Her' rapper took over E11EVEN in Miami over the weekend and took a tumble during a performance of “Tia Tamera," which fans went on to joke about.

doja fall

Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for E11EVEN MIAMI

doja fall

If there’s anyone who knows how to make falling look slick, it’s Doja Cat

The Planet Her rapper took over E11EVEN in Miami over the weekend, and while her set appeared to go smoothly for the most part, she took a tumble during a performance of “Tia Tamera.” In a video captured by a fan, Doja can be seen jumping in the air and immediately falling backward during the song, then dancing it off by flipping her hair while lying on the ground. 

The moment was all too easy for fans to joke around about, as Doja took to Twitter after the performance to ask for video proof of her fall. 

“Somebody send me the video of me falling last night,” Doja wrote on Sunday. “Post in thread below thank u.”

Well, somebody eventually did. And fans commenced with the roasting, with one writing that she “fell like a pencil.”

Another fan shared a trimmed version of the video showing just the seconds-long fall and writing that Doja could make a beat out of it, a sentiment that she herself retweeted. Embarassing or not, at least she’s having some fun with it. 

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