Louis Farrakhan Says the Fruit of Islam Will Protect Beyoncé on Tour If the Police Don't

This could get interesting.

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The honorable minister Louis Farrakhan spoke at Saviours' Day this past weekend and made the proclamation that the Nation of Islam will provide tour security for Beyoncé if police don't. He told the crowd:

"You gonna picket? You're not gonna offer police protection? But the F.O.I. will."

Last week, Miami and Tampa police made news when some officers vowed to boycott her tour stops. Events such as her Formation World Tour are opportunities for police in the area to make extra coin, but some cops feel like her "Formation" video disrespects what they do for a living. They weren't the only ones who were up in arms.


Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani made headlines with his anti-Beyoncé Super Bowl performance rhetoric, Raven-Symone gave her two cents, as did an Internet conservative and a few Toronto politicians. And let us not forget Saturday Night Live's brilliant "The Day Beyoncé Turned Black" parody. Oh yeah, and three people showed up for that "Anti-Beyoncé Protest."

Last summer, the Fruit of Islam—Nation of Islam's security faction—flanked Jay Electronica and Jay Z as they performed during the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival, so the FOI backing Beyoncé shouldn't come as a surprise. And if they do, her tour is going to be lit.

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