Travis Scott Offers to Pay a Semester's Tuition for 5 HBCU Students

Scott was in a giving mood on Twitter recently, offering to pay the tuition of five HBCU students for one semester.

Travis Scott

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Travis Scott

The combination of Utopia and those McDonald's checks has Travis Scott in a giving mood. In a series of tweets, he offered to pay a semester's tuition for five students at HBCUs. 

It all started when Scott tweeted out a joke that he was stockpiling cell phones, because he kept breaking his in excitement. Scott played along with fans who tweeted at the rapper to replace their Airpods, clothing, and a Playstation 5. 

Eventually, Scott turned toward his student followers and offered to pay for five people to attend college for a semester. He added that he meant HBCU students. He then shared that both of his parents attended HBCUs, with his mother going to Louisiana's Grambling State University and his father going to Prairie View A&M in Texas.

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