Snoop Dogg and DeSean Jackson Celebrate Nipsey Hussle in New Documentary

The pair of Southern Californians celebrated their late friend.

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In a new feature produced by the NFL Network, Snoop Dogg and  Philadelphia Eagles' reciever DeSean Jackson discuss the profound impact late rapper Nipsey Hussle had on his Los Angeles neighborhood of Crenshaw. 

Jackson, who grew up in the same neighborhood, traveled around to Nipsey's various businesses and talked with his associates about the way that Hussle brought change. In between the clips of people talking about Hussle, archival footage shows how he had an uplifting and entrepenurial spirit from the very beginning of his career. 

"You wouldn't understand the metrics of his mind, if you couldn't understand what he was getting at," Snoop said of Hussle's acumen. "I look back at his legacy. He owned that whole corner, man. That corner was the corner [the police] used to throw him out of...That's the full 360 mind state of a man who you thought was a gangbanger."

Jackson also interviewed David Gross, owner of the affordable co-working space Vector 90, started with the help of Nip to encourage the creation of further businesses in the neighborhood. 

"For years, we didn't have the resources to invest in our own communities," he said. "We wanted to provide opportunity for people who look like you, who went through the same stuff as you." 

Snoop said that Hussle lives on in the message he shared and the work he did.

"Sometimes when we're on this Earth, people don't understand our value," Snoop said. "One thing my grandmother told me, she said, 'When you're gone, your work is going to speak for you.' ... I believe that man's work is speaking for him." 

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