Nicki Minaj Reportedly Never Agreed to Tour With Chris Brown

Minaj was noticeably absent from Brown's IndiGOAT tour lineup.

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nicki chris

Nicki Minaj wasn't dropped from Chris Brown's upcoming IndiGOAT tour. In fact, she was never involved in the first place.

Fans of both artists started tilting at rumor mills after Chris Brown shared the lineup of his summer tour and Minaj was notably absent. While Tory Lanez, Ty Dolla $ign and Joyner Lucas are all prominently featured on the poster, Nicki's name was nowhere to be found. This countered rumors from earlier in the year, that Brown and Minaj were planning a tour together. After initial talk of a Minaj and Brown tour leaked, Brown cleared up some of the facts about his tour without correcting the idea that Minaj would be involved.


TMZ reports that Nicki was never meant to be on the tour. Via their sources: 

Nicki never signed on to Chris' tour in any capacity.  We're told the two artists did discuss touring together after their G-Eazy collab, "Wobble Up," but talks never materialized into a deal.

The sources went on to say that Nicki is focusing on hitting the studio and didn't want a tour to interrupt that. They added that she had just ended a tour of Europe—one that was rife with technical issues and cancellations—and needed time to recover before heading out again. 

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