Cardi B Says She Would Collaborate With Lizzo but Asks Fans to Stop Pressuring Her for Music

Cardi B shared a series of tweets praising Lizzo's looks. When fans raved over a meet-up, she mulled the idea of working with the "Good As Hell" artist.


Image via Getty/Prince Williams/Wireimage


Cardi B is one of the A-listiest A-listers around. Her rolodex of possible collaborators runs deep and her track record vis a vis making hits guarantees that her asks fall on eager ears. But that doesn’t mean the “Up” rapper has the number of everyone in pop music, or that she’s worked with all of her dream co-conspirators. On Sunday, Cardi took to Twitter, where she shared that she would work with Lizzo.

The collab convo started with Cardi B geeking out over a series of Lizzo glamour shots. Alongside four shots of the singer, Cardi said “these pics do it for me.” When a fan asked Cardi when to expect a song from the pair, Cardi tweeted out a thought that came quicker than her thumbs could handle. 

Despite saying she would work with Lizzo, she also asked people to stop pressuring her to collaborate with anyone she tries to praise. She said any time she mentions another artist, she is flooded with fans asking her to collaborate with them.

“k but stop pressuring me to do stuff,” she wrote. “I can’t even show love to people with 100 collab collab collab.”

Cardi recently talked about her next album, and said that she still feels like she’s “missing some songs.” 

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