French Montana Talks Working With Miley Cyrus

He has a song called "F U" with her.

On Miley Cyrus's upcoming project, Bangerz, one track called "F U" features French Montana. In this candid sitdown with RapFix, French gives us the story behind the collaboration. Apparently, Miley played her album for him one fine day in Los Angeles, and he tried to figure out where he could fit in. As soon as he heard "F U," though, he fell in love. Once we delve a little deeper into the nature of this particular song, we find out that it's not a gratuitously disrespectful one, as the title may lead you to believe—it's about heartbreak. In the case that you've ever wished to hear about French Montana's romantic failures, alongside Miley Cyrus no less, perhaps this song will be your deliverance.

French is then asked how he feels about Miley's appropriation of rap culture, which somehow is still being talked about. His view on the matter is that it's a "great thing." To paraphrase, he believes that Miley just enjoys hip hop, and that she is just out here having a good time. Miley "do whatever she wants," which is to be admired, and he doesn't think anyone should control another's love for a certain kind of music. Watch him, in his own words, below:

[via MissInfo]

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