Lupe Fiasco Seemingly Responds to Republican Using Song in Homophobic Clip, Candidate Calls Him 'Weak' (UPDATE)

Fiasco's "The Show Goes On" was used for a video shared by Missouri GOP Secretary of State candidate Valentina Gomez.

Lupe Fiasco wearing a graphic t-shirt and sunglasses, performing onstage
Theo Wargo / Getty Images
Lupe Fiasco wearing a graphic t-shirt and sunglasses, performing onstage

UPDATED 5/20, 10:22 a.m. ET: Annoyingly, Missouri Republican Valentina Gomez has now responded to Lupe Fiasco’s cease and desist letter.

In a recent tweet, Gomez reiterated her "weak and gay" phrase, then shared what she says is a copy of Sony’s letter in response to her unauthorized use of Lupe’s "The Show Must Go On" track from his 2010 Lasers era.

"[Lupe] is weak and gay," Gomez wrote. "You should thank me for making you relevant again, after 15 years of not producing a hit."

Here’s his cease & desist. I will always be transparent @LupeFiasco is controlled and owned by @Sony - Nobody controls ME. The truth will set us free.
Enjoy my song!🔥

— Valentina Gomez (@ValentinaForSOS) May 17, 2024

See original story below.

Lupe Fiasco doesn’t seem to be a fan of how one of his hits is being used in a political campaign.

Missouri GOP Secretary of State candidate Valentina Gomez, 24, shared a bizarre campaign video on Sunday featuring Fiasco’s 2010 hit “The Show Goes On.”

In the clip, Gomez jogs in the middle of an empty street and wears a weighted vest as she declares, “In America, you can be anything you want. So don’t be weak and gay. Stay fucking hard.”

🚨Don’t be weak and gay🚨August 6th is the day we take Missouri back from these corrupt politicians. @Cobratate @TateTheTalisman🔥MAGA

— Valentina Gomez (@ValentinaForSOS) May 13, 2024
Twitter: @ValentinaForSOS

As noted by WCPT820 Radio, Gomez is running through the Soulard District in St. Louis, Missouri, a predominantly and historically LGBTQ+ neighborhood.

Gomez also tagged known misogynist Andrew Tate, 37, the controversial influencer and media personality, and his brother Tristan, 35, in the tweet. It’s worth mentioning that the Tate brothers, along with two other individuals, were charged with rape and human trafficking in Romania last June.

The campaign clip seemingly got 42-year-old Fiasco’s attention, though he didn't point directly to the self-proclaimed MAGA/America First devotee’s homophobic campaign slogan.

“We are aware and currently taking action. Thank you. #TeamLupe,” Fiasco tweeted on Tuesday afternoon, hours after Gomez's post.

We are aware and currently taking action.

Thank you. #TeamLupe

— CHECKIN’ Out Now! #APTMC (@LupeFiasco) May 14, 2024
Twitter: @LupeFiasco

About 20 minutes after Lupe posted, Gomez replied to her own tweet, adding, "Music by the great Lupe Fiasco. The Show Goes On."

Tweet by Valentina Gomez mentioning music by Lupe Fiasco with a song title: The Show Goes On

The candidate made headlines in February for an unhinged video of herself using a flamethrower to burn two LGBTQ books, according to NBC News.

“This is what I will do to the grooming books when I become Secretary of State,” said Gomez in the video shared to her social media. “These books come from a Missouri public library. When I’m in office, they will burn.”

Per NBC News, X restricted the flamethrower video’s visibility on the grounds that it might violate the platform’s rules against hateful conduct.

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