Ayanna Jackson Recounts Events of 2Pac Assault

Jackson spoke to VladTV.

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The woman who accused 2Pac of raping her in 1993 gave her first on-camera interview about the assault. The rapper was convicted of first-degree sexual abuse and spent time behind bars.

The interview comes in two segments. In the first part, Jackson details the night her and 2Pac met. The two first connected at Nell’s nightclub in Manhattan, when she was 18 or 19. “I was having some champagne, and he walked up behind me,” she told VladTV. “I had some jeans on that night and he placed his hands into the back pockets of my jeans.” Watch the first part of the interview below. 

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After the two met, Jackson said they proceeded to dance together and kiss. Jackson was a fan of 2Pac’s at the time and knew who he was when she met him. She says while they were kissing the rapper moved her head to his crotch. The event is depicted in the film All Eyez On Me as Jackson performing oral sex on the dance floor. According to Jackson, that did not happen. She claims she never performed oral sex, but “maybe kissed it and came back up.” 

Following that moment, Jackson went with 2Pac to his hotel where they shared a night of talking, kissing, and sex. Jackson left the hotel the next morning, and later hung out with the rapper on other occasions, without having sex. Jackson explained these meet-ups were coordinated by 2Pac's road manager Charles Fuller. 

The second part of the interview details the disturbing assault. 

Warning. The paragraphs below are graphic.

Jackson says Fuller contacted her to meet up with 2Pac. She got to the hotel suite where Pac's crew was hanging out. According to Jackson, she went with 2Pac into the bedroom to give him a massage, which later turned into kissing.

At that point she heard the door to the bedroom open and people come in. When she turned to look, 2Pac had grabbed the back of her head, wrapped her braids around his hand, and turned her head back toward him. Jackson had been sitting on top of 2Pac while they were kissing. "I'm looking at him face to face, and I hear people talking and I hear people saying 'oh look at her' and 'her ass is fat,'" she says. "I'm looking at him dead in his eye, and I'm like 'what's going on?' And he's saying to me he's like 'relax baby, these are my boys. I like you so much I decided to share you with them.'" 

Jackson says she continued to try and lift her head up, but Pac still had her hair wrapped around his hand. She told the rapper no, and says at one point she had an out of body experience as she couldn't believe the situation was happening. She then says Tupac raped her, left, and then the other men in the room proceeded to rape her. 

Charles Fuller remained in the room, apologizing to her for the incident. She says Fuller is not one of the men who raped her. The interview fades to the text "to be continued..." 

Tupac maintained his innocence until his death in 1996, and during an interview in 1994 said the allegations were hurtful. He served nine months in prison after posting $1.4 million in bail given to him by Suge Knight.  

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