Man Legally Changed His Name to Céline Dion While Drunk, Says He Doesn't 'Remember Doing It'

While watching the famous singer at home with a bottle of champagne, one 30-year-old stan in the UK legally changed his name to Céline Dion.

celine dion

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celine dion

Never underestimate the power of boredom and alcohol. 

While watching the illustrious Céline Dion at home with a bottle of champagne, one 30-year-old Dion stan in the United Kingdom legally changed his name to Céline Dion.

The newly minted Dion, born Thomas Dodd, watched the Canadian singer’s TV holiday concert to stay entertained on Christmas Eve. Over the holidays, England intensified its lockdown measures to combat a rise in COVID-19 transmission. 

“She [is] my go-to person I listen to when I need cheering up,” he told the New York Post. 

Sometime during this sublime evening, Dodd was so moved by Dion’s performance that he got on his computer and paid 89 pounds to change his name. By the morning, he had absolutely no memory of it. 

“I honestly, hand on heart, don’t remember doing it!” he said. “I remember watching the concert and remember getting rather tipsy.”

Days after the incident, Dodd found a “change of name deed” in his mailbox. 

“I wasn’t aware I had done it until I found that envelope in my post,” he explained. “Initially, I had to sit down as I couldn’t believe it — so I then checked my bank which confirmed it all.”

Once Dion realized the gravity of his drunken actions, he “signed it straightaway.” 

“I bloody love her!” he told the Post, displaying absolutely zero regret.

Despite having no memory of the incident, Dion is not necessarily surprised, since he’s pulled other antics to assuage his boredom in the past. 

“My friends have said they are not surprised!” he admitted. “It was only a few week[s] back I hired an Elsa [from Frozen] tribute to perform on my driveway for me when I was drunk because I was bored! Anything is possible!”

Dion doesn’t plan to switch back to his birth name, as long as having the same name as one of the most famous singers in the world doesn’t make his life too difficult. 

 “As it stands – I’m keeping it!” he said.

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