Label: Def Jam, Columbia, CBS

After the Kangol Crew made up of Dana Dane and Slick Rick broke up, Slick kept his regal English accent in listeners ears by appearing on Doug E. Fresh's "The Show" and his own "La Di Da Di." Slick Rick was the man that people had only heard one-off tunes here and there from so when his album finally dropped in 1987, The Great Adventures of Slick Rick was an instant smash.

Already somewhat seen as an awesome storyteller, Slick Rick's album confirmed his ability to deliver tales that made listeners forget they were listening to a rap song. Sometimes the stories treaded the whymsical in "Mona Lisa" where there was no real point or moral and other times songs like the criminally tragic "Children's Story" that made it a point to deliver a deeper meaning.

Slick Rick wasn't only known for story spitting, Songs like "Treat Her Like a Prostitute" and "Indian Girl" contained some of the most hardcore lyrics recorded at the time. That however didn't stop Rick's crossing over into the mainstream. Over 20 rap and R&B songs sampled pieces from from The Great Adventures of Slick Rick from Montel Jordan's use of "Children's Story" on "This is How We Do It" to TLC's "Creep" which used Slick's "Hey Young World". —Larry Hester