50 Cent, never one to miss a chance to troll someone on Instagram, has taken aim at Floyd Mayweather over his physical altercation with Jake Paul.

On Thursday, YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul was filmed getting into a tense media day gathering for Mayweather’s match with brother Logan Paul. Perhaps in an attempt to encourage Mayweather to get in the ring with him after he fights Logan, Jake antagonized the boxer by stealing his hat. “Gotcha hat,” he said in the clip, running off as Mayweather attempted to get it back, with chaos and punches ensuing.

Clearly, 50 Cent thought this was the funniest thing to ever happen.

“WTF going on on champ head,” he wrote alongside a photo of Mayweather in the moment Jake Paul stole his hat. “I heard he had his pubic hairs put on his face. Lol.”

In a separate post on his Twitter, Fif added, “Floyd like [sad face] you can’t show people my hair. LOL.”

50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather have been trading shots at each other for years at this point, and earlier in 2021 they even publicly teased the idea of fighting one another.

“I’d fight Floyd,” said Fif, to which Mayweather said he’d be up to the challenge.

“I also heard 50 Cent would fight me but claims I’m too small,” Floyd said. “If he wants to lace up at the end of the year, we can do an exhibition then.”

It remains to be seen if they’ll get into the ring together anytime soon, but Logan and possibly Jake Paul are very much ready fight Mayweather before Fif even gets a chance.