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Producer: Sounwave
Album: Section.80

Despite hailing from Compton, Kendrick’s outlook on society's ills has often been more on the the conscious side than the gangster side, more Native Tongues than G-Funk. But unlike some of Native Tongues descendants, he’s always been keenly aware that it’s all too easy to come off preachy. That comes in handy on songs like “A.D.H.D.” where he explores rampant drug use amongst his peers who are all about light blue pills, Bay Area Kush, and “sipping cough syrup like it's water.”

On “A.D.H.D.” he never looks down on users and abusers, an approach he later reused on “Swimming Pools (Drank).” He inverts his perspective, offering empathy rather than blame. Even if he doesn’t partake in the festivities himself (he doesn’t smoke and rarely drinks) at least he understands, “You know why we crack babies? Because we born in the '80s.” (Fun fact: The music video for this song was shot in what would later become Complex’s offices in the Flatiron District of New York City.) —Insanul Ahmed