Trey Songz took to social media, where he reacted to the recent sex tape leak that many believed featured him.

On Wednesday afternoon, the singer took to Instagram to share a couple of photos of himself staring at his smartphone with a confused look on his face. The R&B singer was also seen wearing a "Hoesmad" cap in the photograph, which was simply captioned with a flushed-face emoji.

He also shared a link to his "Don't Judge" record off his 2011 album, Anticipation II, but, once again, included nothing more than an emoji in his caption—this time, the suggestive smirk-face emoji.

Oh, but Songz was far from done. He then returned to Instagram hours later to share a video himself walking with a limp as well as two more pictures of him with his hands down his pants. The post was soundtracked by Juvenile's "Set It Off" track, and specifically included the lines: "I walk with a limp, cause my nuts heavy/And I like it from the back so hold your butt steady."

He also shared a post promoting his $20-a-month OnlyFans page for those who are "curious," and reshared a viral meme in response to the aforementioned leak.

Trey Songz IG

It's clear Songz is having fun with the situation, as he's yet to confirm or deny the allegations; however, fans are convinced his recent string of social media posts is all the confirmation they need.

The sex tape rumor began swirling this week after someone shared a video of a woman performing oral sex on a man. Although the man's face never appears in the X-rated footage, many pointed out that his arm tattoos looked very similar to Songz's. Some also noted that the man's voice sounded a lot like the singer's.

Needless to say, the whole ordeal has been met with mixed reactions. There are, of course, some who are now thirsting over Songz, while others are having trouble getting past his sexual assault and misconduct allegations.

You can check out some of the reactions to the below.