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Lil Uzi Vert made sure a nine-year-old fan had the best fucking birthday imaginable with a personalized shout-out.

In a video shared to his social channels over the weekend, Uzi is seen wishing Casey a happy birthday. In the caption, Uzi also made sure to thank the young fan's parents for "allowing" him to listen to the Eternal Atake-crafter's undeniably stacked catalog of classics.

"Happy birthday, Casey," Uzi said in the clip, which opens with him singing along to the first few seconds of his "XO Tour Llif3" track.

"I know it's your ninth birthday," he says. "You're getting older. I know you been doing good, doing everything you're supposed to be doing, so I hope you have a special birthday. And I will be calling you."

It wasn't immediately clear how Casey's family managed to secure a public shout-out from Uzi, but congrats and happy birthday to Casey on bagging a gift he'll be able to brag about for many years to come. 

On social media, Casey's mother responded to those who've been asking how she pulled off the Uzi gift:

She also shared additional footage from the virtual party:

Uzi fans have had much to celebrate as of late, thanks in large part to the artist's decision to continue previewing a trove of unreleased music on social media. In December, Uzi again teased an upcoming SoundCloud tape, as well as a new album that's going to be "really good and classic…a really great one."

Until then, Uzi's 2020 output—which included the critically revered Eternal Atake and a full-length Future collab album—can keep us company as we continue to traverse pandemic territory. Below, revisit the new "Drankin N Smokin" video, which arrived last week: