G Herbo is facing some serious time for alleged identity theft and wire fraud. Although he's maintained his innocence, he's not interested in working with the authorities. In fact, the idea is humorous to him.

On Monday, Herb was taking a ride with his driver when the concept of snitching became the topic of conversation. Herb's driver made it clear he's willing to tell on everyone involved to keep himself from going to jail.

"Bruh, if I'm facing 10, 20 years for another man's problems, and I didn't do the crime, bruh. I'm not laying down for nobody," the driver said while Herbo laughed on his Instagram Stories. "I'm not snitching on you, I'm telling!"

Although Herb was laughing during the conversation, the rapper made it clear in ensuing videos that he's not condoning his driver's comments. 

"I got the fuck out," Herb said. "Lame ass n***a. Snitch. Talkin' 'bout you worried about some n***a fucking your girl. Boy, somebody fucking your girl right now while your stupid ass free! Goofy."

In December, Herbo was named in an indictment accusing him and his associates of conducting a multi-year, million-dollar fraud scheme. This could have the rapper spending a lot of time behind bars for crimes he claims he had no hand in committing. 

"G Herbo has been charged with several offenses in Massachusetts, however, he maintains his innocence and looks forward to establishing his innocence in court," Herbo's management said in a statement to Complex. "Herbo has legal representation in Massachusetts via Prince Lobel, whose team has reached out to the US Attorney’s office in Massachusetts to make arrangements for Herbo's appearance. G Herbo will appear in Massachusetts whenever he is required either in person or via Zoom."

The rapper also addressed the fraud charges in his latest single, "Statement."