After initially posting a video of himself on a relatively small boat with several other people stuffed on it, Bow Wow got torn up on social media and ended up posting a new video of himself on a much bigger one.

Bow Wow first dropped a video to his Instagram of himself and at least 15 other people barely fitting on a white boat and social media had things to say about it.

Presumably because of all the memes, it looks like Bow Wow upgraded to a bigger boat. He posted a new video, this time with much more shoulder room, of himself and others dancing on the front of it.

Despite this, the memes didn't stop.

Some even referenced the old "Bow Wow Challenge" meme when people would pose in front of expensive vehicles and planes that weren't there's because he supposedly posed in front of a jet that was someone else's and posted it to Instagram, making it seem like it was his.

Moral of the story: maybe not post some things to Instagram, because the memes will be ready.

In other news, Bow Wow linked up with Ebro in the Morning to talk about his upcoming final album, Verzuz,  and much more. Check it out below.