Enoch Ncube and David May, high school friends and voices behind MONEYPHONE, ended 2020 with a mixtape under their belts. On Faith*, the duo offered a forward-thinking take on pop, with a sound that’s warmer and videos that are way more fun, but still polished and poised for what’s to come. The Toronto pair—who've generated buzz the last couple years by combining BROCKHAMPTON's experimental hip-hop with the slinky guitars and soul-baring honesty of '90s indie rock—are currently at work on what they're calling their "most focused project yet," their debut LP. They tell Complex it'll be "an album of stories we've inherited, and stories we've made along the way. We're slowly building the world around it, creating the visual and musical language so by the time people hear it, they'll know it's a MONEYPHONE record." —Sumiko Wilson