Many hip-hop fans might know Young Buck from his days running the game with G-Unit. Yet prior to cliquing up with 50 Cent, Buck ran with a bubbling Cash Money Records. 

During a recent interview with VladTV, Young Buck explained he "got with them" when he was 14 years old, right before Cash Money's monumental burst into the mainstream. 

"We were off the races," Buck said in reference to the emergence of Juvenile, Lil Wayne, and the Hot Boys. He was also on the label when it signed its historic 80-20 distribution deal with Universal Records.

Although it seemed like this good fortune would spread to the entire label, Buck quickly realized Birdman and Cash Money had their hands full trying to juggle this unexpected success. In the process, his career development was being unintentionally ignored. 

"I was getting lost," he continued. "I think with all the success that was coming with them, and Baby having to stay—and I understand it now. At the time, I really didn't understand it. ... Baby was basically chasing the success with the artists that was actually winning. I don't think he was looking to take the time to get another artist established when he already got a group that's doing so much."

With his hands tied, Buck made the decision to bet on himself. He parted ways with the label, returned to his native Nashville, Tennessee, and started his own independent hustle. That grind caught the attention of major labels and the music industry, ultimately landing him a spot in G-Unit.