For nearly 40 years, Too Short has been rap's personification of Oakland. Now, the icon is once again paying homage to his soil with his new single, "Oaklandish."

Like the Golden Gate, Too Short uses this track to bridge Oakland's generational gap by tapping two of The Town's brightest young stars, Guapdad 4000 and Rayven Justice, to help him. Although Too Short, Rayven, and Guapdad make a point to show their love for their hometown, Short also shows loyalty to The Bay Area as a whole.

"If you from The Bay let me hear you say 'Yee'/When you out of town tell the DJ play me/I love E-40, Too Short, and Mac Dre," Short Dog raps as the video transitions from a shot of him to one of E-40. 

The visual matches the song's lyrics and theme perfectly. Along with featuring Bay Area legends like Mistah F.A.B., it also shows popular landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge, the Bay Bridge, and Alcatraz Island. These tourist attractions were paired with local staples like sideshows. 

Too Short's single comes after he clashed with fellow Bay Area titan, E-40, for the last Verzuz of the year. The duo also revealed that they would be teaming up with Los Angeles' Ice Cube and Snoop Dogg to release a new album. 

Watch Too Short's video for "Oaklandish" above.