Quando Rondo's public safety has been jeopardized following his hand in the murder of King Von. Although Lil Durk has yet to speak on the death of his close associate or Quando, people are adding fuel to a situation that is already tense.

On Monday, a video surfaced on social media that alleged to be direct messages between Quando and Durk. In the messages, Quando seems to be pleading with Durk to talk about the situation but Durk isn't interested in extending an olive branch. 

When the video slide across Quando's desk, the rapper took it upon himself to let it be known that he's not begging Lil Durk for forgiveness. Also, he claimed that he doesn't even have a Facebook page or a Snapchat. So, any rumors or videos involving those platforms are fake.

"Don't believe no internet shit I ain't dm nobody," Quando said on his IG Stories. "And I don't have a Facebook or Snapchat!"

Following Von's death, Quando's concert and club appearances have been getting canceled for various reasons. This has led people to assume that Durk is either buying tickets at Rondo's shows to intimidate the rapper or Quando is ducking the Chicago rapper. To make it clear that he's not running from Durk, Quando made a record called "End of Story." In this song, Quando speaks candidly about King Von's death, the alleged bounty that's on his head, and shows full support for his associate/the shooter, Timothy "Lul Tim" Leeks.