Christmas is about bringing each other joy, but Mariah Carey wasn't moved by this one particular gesture of kindness. 

CNN Senior Campaign Editor Kyle Blaine took to Twitter on Thursday where he shared an ornament he and his husband received this year.

"My husband and I exchange ornaments every year and this year he got me @MariahCarey which is very festive!" Blane wrote with an accompanying picture of the Mariah Carey ornament. 

Unfortunately for Blane and his husband, this "festive" ornament didn't resemble the Queen of Carols at all. So when it crossed Carey's desk, she let it be known that her likeness deserves more respect.

'This is... Not approved," Carey wrote in a quote tweet. However, she told them that she appreciates being part of their family celebration. "(But it's the thought that counts)."

Blane might have been on the wrong end of shade, but he seems to understand that Carey's comments were coming from a true and sincere place. 

"Lots of mixed emotions to get so many private messages congratulating me on getting completely and utterly wrecked by MC," Blane tweeted in an update to fans.