Favourite album: The Strokes, The New Abnormal

Julian Casablancas is still the most sagan sadboy in town. The New Abnormal finds the twisted Sinatra and his gang of Gen X virtuosos sounding like 1978’s The Cars dipped in Rick Rubin's Neumann-U87 microphone Sriracha. It’s the scriven from a party cake they blew up in 2001 with the ghost of John Frusciante’s amplifier on cleanup. This isn’t my album of the year just because "Ode To The Mets" starts off with a ping-pong Atari keyboard line that’s quickly bullied out by arpeggio guitars falling from OK Computer Valhalla. Nope! Though, it could be how "Brooklyn Bridge To Chorus" connects the dots to 2009’s 11th Dimension that nerds me in. The Strokes definitely returned to form here by leaving their signature backbeat behind, and keeping their sardonic NYC indifference at play. A bold move in an era where nostalgia gets you lots of love, likes, and comments. It’s an athletic album that the jocks still won’t understand.